Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liebster Award!

I'm excited to say that we were nominated for a Liebster Award by Margo at CityGirl! Haylee Ann and I are soo exicted! Also, Margo is currently doing a 200 post giveaway of eos Alice in Wonderland lip balms! Congrats on hitting 200 posts, Margo, and you guys should enter her awesome giveaway! :)

Here are the answers to the questions:

5 Facts:
  1. Most of my cooking is baking/making desserts. Most of my baking/making desserts involves chocolate.
  2. I enjoy crocheting and am currently making a sweater.
  3. I wear a size 5 and a half in shoes.
  4. My least favorite fruit is papaya. My mother fed it too much to me as a child.
  5. I own a pair of socks that have the periodic table on them. My roommate is majoring in Math and has a minor in Chemistry, and so she got us matching pairs for Valentine's Day one year. Yes, I know...we're really cool....
  1. Out of the two of us, Anna and Haylee, I am the oldest.
  2. I almost failed kindergarden because I did not know my right hand from my left hand. I'm pretty sure I still don't...
  3. I hate scary movies. It doesn't help when your sister decides to scare you by hiding in the bathroom at night dressed up as the girl from The Ring.
  4. I grew up in a small town but I am pretty much a California girl that dresses like I belong in New York City or Boston College or J. Crew Magazine.
  5. I listen to AOL Radio's Nature Sounds Radio all the time because I like hearing the sound of the rain and the ocean.
1. If you had to pick one country to live in the rest of your life (and it can't be the country you currently make a home in) where would it be and why?
Anna: I would pick Singapore. I like it because it's tropical but still very modern.
Haylee: I would love to live in Spain. The culture is amazing and Madrid is my favorite city. I love everything about it, the food, the people, the language, etc.

2. Pick one makeup brand that you would gladly wear the rest of your life. Why do you love it?
Anna: Ohhhh this is hard... MAC. They have such a wonderful range of lipsticks that have great staying power. I also love their range of eyeshadows. I also love the lipglasses. I guess I love everything!
Haylee: MAC, their products are always perfect and make me look flawless. They also have the perfect amount of pigment for darker skin tones. Plus they have very diverse looks so I can go from natural to sexy in a heartbeat.  My second favorite would be Urban Decay.

3. What character of a novel or movie do you really relate to?
Anna: Bella in Twilight! I always have hot werewolfs and vampires chasing after me. No, just kidding!
Haylee: Maybe Mandy Moore's character in A Walk to Remember. I was the nerdy, anti-social girl when I was in school. Like Landon, my boyfriend is the last guy anyone would have guessed I would eventually date...but he's a sweetheart. :)

4. Facebook or Twitter?
Anna:Facebook; I've never understood the appeal of Twitter. If someone wants to explain it to me, I'm all ears!
Haylee: Facebook...Twitter is just lame. I don't want to know what people are constantly doing or thinking all the time.

5. Riddle me this. You move to a new town and it's time to get your hair cut. The town only has two hairstylists. You go to the first one; her hair is cut horrendously, it's messy, sloppy, uneven and basically looks like a weed-whacker hit it. You drive to the second stylist. Her hair is clean, neat, cut perfectly and looks like a million bucks. Which stylist do you go to and why?
Anna:I go to the second one. Maybe the first one likes her hair looking like a weed-whacker hit, but I don't, so I'd pick the other one.
Haylee: The weed-whacker. I love getting crazy haircuts and rocking them. I think it takes a confident girl to rock a very different haircut. For comparison, right now I'm wearing Victoria Beckham's very popular inverted bob look. I get very different opinions from the people I know. Either you love it or you hate it...but what matters to me is how I feel about it and really that's all that counts.

I nominate:
Dana Nani George of BlakGirlMakeup
Cindy of A Girl's Guide to Makeup
Christine of Lollipops n Lipsticks
Helene of KulchicBeauty
Lauren Elizabeth of Living Lovely

The rules of the award are listed here. I did 5 facts since Margo had 5 questions for me. Your questions are:
1. What's one beauty product you couldn't live without?
2. What's one talent you wish you had and why?
3. Name one place in the world you want to travel to (that you haven't visited) and why.
4. What's your favorite celebrity haircut?
5. What's a trend that you think is sooo overrated?

I look forward to seeing the nominee's answers if you choose to do this! Reminder: the Stila Post Holiday/New Year's Giveaway ends in 3 days!!! Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Time Lushie!!!!

So I'd heard a lot of great things about Lush from around the web/YouTube mostly from missglamorazzi. You guys should check Ingrid out, she is AMAZING!!!! I finally decided to try it while shopping for gifts before Christmas. I've heard a lot of first time Lushies complain that the store is a bit overwhelming the first time; I definitely agree which is why I was so glad to have heard other beauty gurus favorites before I went into them store myself. I picked up four things which I will review here for you guys. I'll post pics later since I am a bit under the weather and don't want to go searching through all my stuff for pictures. Anyway, here's what I got:

Popcorn lip scrub-This lip scrub is a limited edition; I believe it comes out only around Xmas time so grab it while you can. They just sold out online. This scrub tastes sooooo good and is exactly like eating a bowl of popcorn. You are supposed to dip a dry finger into the pot (it has to be dry or your ruin the scrub) and rub some of the salt crystals on your wet lips to scrub and buff them. The product says you can lick the off, but I try to just wash my lips instead of ingesting the scrub as hard as that is since it tastes sooo good! Honestly though it should be fine if you ingest it since the great part of Lush is that most of their products are all natural. This scrub is vegan and preservative free. It also has not been tested on animals. The cherry on top is that it is the best lip scrub I have ever used. It exfoliates, makes my lips kissably soft, and smells/tastes amazing. The lip scrub comes in 3 other flavors which are good, but not my personal favorite although I know other people that swear by them: mint julips(a minty flavor), a chocolate flavor, and bubblegum. :)

Happy hippy shower gel- This was a product I didn't intend to get when I walked into the store since I did not know it existed. I was going to get Turkish Delight since Ingrid raves about it, but I didn't really like the way it smelled in person. I was browsing around for an alternative when I happened upon this one. It smells like grapefruit which is my favorite scent right now in all beauty products so I had to try it. It is supposed to really wake you up in the mornings due to its citrusy burst of flavor according to the label and I highly agree. It's a great pick-me-up scent for the winter blahs.


Sunnyside- A very uplifting bubble bar with a citrus scent. It turns the water a deep orange brown with lots of sparkles and bubbles. I find that a half of a bar is just enough bubble for one bath. The bubbles do not last that long in my tub (maybe 20 minutes) , but I live in a hard water area and I've heard that the hard water makes bubble bath solution more ineffective. This is great paired with Big Blue to make mermaid water! 

Remember to go under the "Current Giveaways" tab and enter our Lush contest!

Haylee :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lush Recommendations + Giveaway and the 100 Day No Buy Challenge

Hi lovelies!!! Sorry I haven't talked to you guys in a while; it's been a busy holiday season and my birthday just passed!!!! Anyway today I'm sick and bored at home so I thought I'd write a little post bout what's going on in my life right now.

I've been so bored, I've been watching Lush Haul YouTube videos and now I'm jonesing to get into their store and start buying some things. I do have my own preChristmas haul to share with you guys as well and I will post that soon.

Part of the reason I haven't walked out the door to go to Lush is that I'm trying a 100 day no shopping challenge as a kind-of New Years resolution. I don't really shop all that much, but recently I have accumulated so many things that I think it's time to focus on other aspects of my life such as relationships, helping the poor, etc. If you want to in on my little adventure, here are the rules:

No makeup/beauty/unnecessary purchases for 100 days.
You may buy gifts for others.
You may restock on items you are out of such as shampoo, lipstick etc.

As a little reward for when I am done, I have decided to treat myself to some Lush products. I will be off this no buy ban sometime in April. The Lush products are where you guys come in. Leave a comment with something that you think I should buy and why you love the product. If I end up buying your product recommendation, you could get one for yourself as well courtesy of makeupandmasala!!!! Also, if you have never tried Lush products feel free to comment below with a product you'd like to try. If I buy it, I'll buy one for you too. :)

Note: Entries can only be submitted by followers so make sure you follow us!!!

So far I am 14 days strong!!!!

Haylee :)

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