Monday, April 22, 2013

Makeup Monday

Hi guys! So I wanted to try something new where I tried a look from a magazine. Hope you guys enjoy it! Here's how I made the look and what I was inspired by:

What do ya'll think?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stila Written in the Stars Palette Review + Swatches

So I know this post is super late since this palette came out during the holiday season of 2012. However, I still wanted to give you guys my two cents on the palette since there are many of them floating around out there on internet websites including Hautelook and Stila. I like to use my palettes for a while before I review them, and it has taken me a while to work my way to this one since I have so many palettes. I am a palette junkie. If there was a self help group for palette addicts, I would probably fit right in. And as they say, acceptance is the first step :).  This palette was a gift from the lovely Anna.

For swatch reference, my foundation color in Urban Decay is 9.0, in Too Faced is Cocoa Beige, and in Clinique is 39G.

Starlight- Takes 3-5 swipes to get a good color payoff. Beige/yellow color with a hint of sheen/shimmer.
Eden-Takes 3-5 swipes to get a good color payoff. Peach/flesh color that is matte.
Luna-Baby/soft pink color with a hint of sheen. Takes 3-5 swipes to get a good color payoff
Sun-Peach/flesh color with more brown undertones and a bit of sheen;similar to Eden. Takes 3-5 swipes to get a good color payoff.

Ray-A milk chocolate color with a hint of sheen.Takes 1-2 swipes for good color payoff.
Galaxy-A matte milk chocolate. Takes 1-2 swipes for good color payoff.
Asteroid-A dark brown matte. Takes 1-2 swipes for good color payoff.
Constellation-A dark brown color with a hint of sheen. This one is darker than Asteroid. Takes 1-2 swipes for good color payoff.
These are the best shadows in the palette in terms of color payoff.

Pigalle-A red/brown with a hint of sheen. Takes 3-5 swipes for good color payoff.
Bouquet-Flesh colored matte that is more pink undertoned than Eden. Takes 1-2 swipes for good color payoff
Heaven-Salmon pink with sheen. Takes 3-5 swipes for good color payoff.
Ariel-Grilled salmon pink with sheen. Takes 3-5 swipes for good color payoff.

Overall, I believe the mattes have better color payoff than the sheen colors.

 What are you guys' thoughts on this palette or other palettes? XOXO,
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Face Lift + Facebook + GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hi lovelies! MakeupandMasala just got a new face lift! Do you love it? We do! Please leave us any comments if you are having issues with anything or if our new look just does not suit you (or tell us if it does!).

Also we are proud to announce that we have made a page on Facebook for you guys to follow us and encourage your friends to follow us. The page can be found here. To encourage you guys to join/share our Facebook page, we are offering an easy entry into our current giveaway if you like/share us on Facebook.

Also we'd like to giveaway a PALETTE in our giveaway, but we just can't decide which one. Let us know what you would like to get in a comment below! Also the lovely Sofia requested that we do a MAC lipstick giveaway so we are giving away one in the same giveaway. We hope to do a giveaway entirely of MAC lipsticks sometime in the future.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review of H'SUAN WEN HUA: Lush's Deep Hair Mask

So yesterday, I told you the secret to my thick, shiny hair. While I still use my Dad's "secret formula", sometimes life is just too chaotic to wash real egg from my hair. For times like these, I use Lush's H'suan Wen Hua which means "Hair of the Gods". It's a deep hair mask that I leave in my hair for 20 minutes once a week. I was originally attracted to it because one of the first ingredients listed is fresh free range eggs and by now you all know how much I love eggs in my hair. In addition, it has avocado, banana, and olive oil to deep condition your hair.

My only complaints are the price and the smell. The container is a bit pricey especially with the amount required for long hair. My hair is really short right now (chin length), but when my mom uses this product she had to use at least a quarter of the bottle. The good part is that with any Lush product in a container, if you bring 5 empty, washed pots back, they give you a free face mask which is valued at around $10. The product smells like cinnamon, but the scent is easily covered by shampoo and conditioner. If you sweat, however, you can tell the product was absorbed deep into the hair (it works!). I was in the middle of a Bikram Yoga session sweating buckets when I realized I could smell cinnamon all around me from this deep conditioner.  

Have a fabulous week! XOXO,

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do It Yourself (DIY) Hair Mask for Thick, Shiny Hair

So this past week, my mom visited for Easter. As a treat, we went to the Carsten Aveda Hair Institute to get our hair cut. My mom is very frugal and cuts her own hair; this was the first time she'd ever gotten it professionally cut and I think she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. :) While we were there, the woman cutting my hair could not get over how thick it was. She was even more shocked when I told her my hair had not always been that thick. I was born with thin hair, but my dad changed all that. Here's his recipe for an at home DIY hair mask which includes breakfast:

1) Take an egg from your local grocery store.
2) Gently crack it so that you can separate the yolk from the egg whites. I like to drop the whole egg in a bowl and fish out the yolk.
3) Set aside the egg whites (You can make yourself an omelette later).
4) Take the yolk and whisk it a bit so that you get your yolk to look saucy.
5) Apply the sauce to your hair. Make sure every strand is covered. Let the yolk sit in your hair for an hour. (Now would be a good time to make that omelette!) 
6) After an hour, gently wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Take care to gently scrub your hair since the yolk is sticky and it can tear your hair. I used to hate this part since my hair is wavy. It's hard to gently separate curls that have matted together.
7) Enjoy your gorgeous model-esque hair!


Disclaimer: Remember that no mask/beauty treatment can make up for an inadequate diet or genetics. Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. Also, I am South Asian and have been blessed with amazing hair genes. I encourage you to learn to love yourself the way you were born. Trust me, it's a beautiful look!

P.S. I'd like to know if any of you have DIY hair masks you use or other beauty secrets you've learned from your parents. Please feel free to share them below! :)

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