Saturday, August 31, 2013

MAC Haul: Cream in Your Coffee, Mocha, Concealer, and Brush #224

I recently made a few trips to MAC to browse with Anna and pick up some things I wanted. Hope you guys enjoy this haul!

Creme in Your Coffee Lipstick
I asked one of the makeup artists to recommend a lip color that I could wear during the day to work since all the colors I have are red. Some people are comfortable wearing red lips to work, but I am not one of them. I work in a research lab surrounded by a bunch of guys who either 1) could care less about makeup or 2) think I'm trying to score a date if I'm dressed up. Long story short, this is what the makeup artist recommended.
Color: A pretty nude with a very natural color that works on a very large range of skin tones. It gives me "natural looking" lips; I could have actually been born with this lip color.
Consistency: MAC lipsticks are known to be really smooth and creamy. This one is no different. My lips feel like butter even without gloss and they never dry out.
Longevity: The first time I wore this color I had to reapply it three times during the day. It comes off on everything when you eat or drink.

Mocha Lipstick (Satin)
This color came out during the Mickey Contractor collection for MAC and has been a part of the permanent line since then. For those of you who don't know: Mickey Contractor is the makeup artist responsible for making Bollywood actresses look as beautiful as they do. I had to snatch up this color when I visited my MAC store because being part of a collection geared at South Asians this color is perfect on me. Two other lipsticks that were a part of this collection Mehr and Yash were limited edition, but they are now a part of the regular MAC lipstick line. The down side to this fabulous news is that they can only be purchased at a MAC Pro store or online.
Color: Perfect for South Asian skin tones anywhere from lightly tan to a chocolate milk brown.

Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 Broad Spectrum in NW40
Anna was trying to perfect a nude lip look and the makeup artist recommended lining her lips with a bit of concealer beforehand. We both marveled at how "concealing" the concealer was and both decided to invest in a pot.
**Note: Image is not in NW40 color
Color: A perfect match for my skin tone.
Quality: The best concealer I have used to date. It conceals things I want to stay hidden and looks very natural on my skin.

Brush #224
This brush is great to use to "air brush" my concealer on. I just swirl this brush in a circular motion in the concealer I mentioned above and then brush on the concealer in a circular motion on my face in the areas where I feel like I need some concealing.
Price: Around $30 for the brush, but if you are looking for a brush that will last a lifetime, this is it.

What are your favorite MAC products? Looking forward to any new collections?
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Finds: Biscoff Cookie Spread, Julep's Kai, and More!

Here are my favorite finds for this week. Click on the link in the description for more information/where to buy.

1. Biscoff Cookie Spread. I discovered this cookie spread next to the Nutella at my local Target and it is awesome! It has a delicious flavor and a hint of cinnamon (I think). It's the perfect companion to a slice of bread.

2. Julep Kai. This polish is such a pretty baby blue color and is part of the Julep sea salt collection.

3. Steve Madden Leader Boot. I wanted a cute military boot to go with some of my fall outfits and I stumbled across this one at my local Nordstrom's. It also comes in brown!

4. Wei Mud Mask. I got this in a Birchbox last February I believe. I tried it for the first time a few days ago when I wanted to have a spa night in and it will be a regular purchase. Keep your eyes posted for my detailed review in an upcoming blog post.

Happy Friday! XOXO,
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Product Empties

This is my first product empties post guys! I enjoy seeing what products my favorite bloggers/vloggers use so I figured I would return the favor ;).

Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant
What I Think: I love this deodorant for the affordability and the fact that it has no harmful chemicals like aluminum and parabens which might be linked to cancer. The only thing I would suggest is alternating it with another regular deodorant since it tends to not work as well if it is the only deodorant in your rotation. 
Repurchase: Yes!

Trident Island Berry Lime
What I Think: I impulse bought these when I was at the store checking out since I had never seen this flavor before. I love the fruity flavor, but the orange pack is still my favorite. I don't remember what the orange one is called. Maybe mango?
Repurchase: Yes, but only if I get bored with the orange pack.

Murad Line Tamer with Time Release Retinol Concentrate
What I Think: I love anti-aging products so I was excited to get a deluxe-sized sample of this in my Beauty Bar box. Unfortunately, I did not see any effect on my smile wrinkles and forehead.
Repurchase: No.

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Champagne
What I Think: I think this line might be discontinued now which is a shame. This color is particular is very nice and reminds me of Stila's famous shadow Kitten. I love using it under my MAC eyeshadows to give them a creamy base and a nice cream look. The downside to the product is that it dries up super fast. I don't think I used to that long before it dried out (almost like a mascara).
Repurchase: Yes, if it is not discontinued.

Eyeko London Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner
What I Think: This product is one of my FAVORITE eyeliner felt tip pens. It makes lining your eyes super easy and gives them a thick black color. The downside: I only used it a few times before it dried out.
Repurchase: Yes!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Any empties you think I should try?
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Finds

I thought I'd start a new Friday series  to share with you guys some of my favorite finds over the week and to kind of have a place where I have gathered all my thoughts. I've also linked everything I've found in case you find a new favorite too! What do you think?

1. Perch High and Low Top. How cute is this?! I love loose blouses right now especially in pastel colors. They are so romantic! This one is great with cropped jeans and some black flats or over a pair of comfy leggings.

2. Celine bag. Youtube beauty guru Missglamorazzi uses this in one of her "What's In My Purse?" videos and it is to die for! You can buy it in store only at Barneys. Other than that I don't know where to get one, so if you do please share!

3. Bundle of Joy Collection by Alanna Renee. This collection has yet to hit the States, but I'm really into pastels right now and the pink glitter in this collection is so unique.

4. Friday Chai. I've been looking for a nice casual cardigan as we transition into fall. This one is perfect to throw over a tank top or pull over your favorite tee. It's also white = it goes with everything.

5. Love/Loved Rings. I've seen so many of these popping up all over the place and I think they are really cute. I'd be perfectly fine having my boyfriend propose to me with this.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

MakeupandMasala is on Twitter!!!

I'm happy to announce that MakeupandMasala is on Twitter!!! Now you guys can keep up with my day to day thoughts on fashion and food! My name is @makeupandmasala.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Artsy Wednesday: Animation

The theme for this week's Artsy Wednesday was Animation. I decided to go with one of my childhood favorites: Hello Kitty. Unfortunately this mani did not turn out as cool as expected so here is a picture of my epic nail fail. :( It was so ugly I didn't even bother to clean the edges of my thumb. Hopefully the next Artsy Wednesday will be better.

The nail art stickers are from my local Sephora. I used Essie's French Affair for the pink and Butter London's West End Wonderland for the glittery gold.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Facebook Giveaway!

I'm doing a Facebook giveaway! The contest is only open to followers of my Facebook page. All you have to do is "like" the page and comment on what you would like to see me give away next. The contest is open to everyone and ends Sept 30. Good luck!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

PERFUME REVIEW: Nicole by Nicole Richie

A while back I received Nicole by Nicole Richie in one of my beauty boxes. Normally I don't like celebrity fragrances since I feel like they are designed cheaply and that the celebrity is hoping the fragrance sells solely on name recognition and fans rather than quality of the fragrance. However, I actually would repurchase this scent.

(image from

The perfume has a nice, sweet scent which is very fruity and floral. There are orange notes (Seville orange) and rose while the sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla absolute give it a very warm, cozy feeling.

What is your favorite celebrity perfume? Would  you give Nicole a shot?
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ARTSY WEDNESDAY: Blue Manicure featuring Julep and China Glaze

I am a little late in posting this manicure, my apologies. The theme for this week was a blue manicure.

I used Julep's Bess for the base and did a sponge gradient with Julep's Taylor over the tips. Finally I used China Glaze's First Mate to stamp over the top of each nail with my Cheeky nail stamping plates. My boyfriend and I agreed that these are the best nails I have done to date. :)

Julep's Bess

Sponge Gradient

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NOTD: My Boyfriend Does My Nails + Stamping Hearts

As I've said before, I recently got into stamping and have made it my goal to use every stamp on all my plates. Well, my boyfriend thought stamping was pretty interesting and wanted to help me try it out. Here is our result:

I took this picture before the clean up job so I could take a good photo while there was still sunlight that day. We (or rather he) also learned not to push down on the stamp with a lot of pressure when stamping since it tends to spread out the image and make it much bolder. I used NYC's 134 French Tip White and stamped the red hearts with Essie's Ole Caliente. I actually did a gradient on the base with the white and a light purple (Essie's Lilacism) but the purple did not show.

Has your boyfriend or anyone else tried to do your nails? How did it turn out?
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

REVIEW: OPI Which is Witch?

For the last post I used a glitter that I wanted to review for you guys: OPI's Which is Witch? from the Wizard of Oz collection. I know this polish has been out for a while, but you can still snag it at your local Ulta or other beauty supply store during their summer sales so I wanted to give you my two cents before you splurge on this glitter like I did.

Glitter: Glitter just makes everything better.
Price: OPI is good quality polish and I am willing to shell out the $8 this polish normally costs. It is much cheaper per fluid ounce than Butter London or Julep. However, I just wish it was cheaper so that the nail polish junkie I am would not go broke every time I saw a polish I like from OPI.

Quality: I had such a hard time using this polish to make my glitter gradient tips for the picture above. It would wipe off the black polish underneath it every time I tried to brush the glitter on. I wait a really long time between coats (10 minutes+) and none of my other polishes do this. 
Originality: Two types of glitter (maybe three?) in one bottle. A lot of indies were doing this way before OPI jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, the polish is pretty, but OPI does not score any points for creativity in my book. 

Overall: I would say this polish is not worth the money unless, like me, you are just obsessed with how pretty it looks.

What are your favorite glitters? I'm on the hunt to find a lot of new ones since my collection has only a few glitter polishes. I'm obsessed with Alanna Renee polishes but I can't find them in the USA. Super sad times.
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Friday, August 2, 2013

NOTD: Black with Glitter TIps

I used NYC Color's Black Lace Creme for the base and OPI's Which is Witch? for the glitter on the tips.
Enjoy! XOXO,
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