Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NOTD: Green with Nicole by OPI and Julep

Here is a NOTD I did sometime ago but forgot to post. I think this was for an Artsy Wednesday. I used my Cheeky stamping plates, the Kardashian Collection Nicole by OPI's Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam, and Julep's Dianna.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

NOTD: Blue and White Flowers

I decided to whip out my stamping plates again! For this mani I used my Cheeky stamping plates, China Glaze's First Mate, and NYC's 134 French White Tip.

Enjoy! XOXO,
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Friday, November 15, 2013

NOTD: White Glitter with Studs/Crystals

Here's an alternative mani I did for this week's Artsy Wednesday! I used NYC's 134 French White Tip for the base and OPI's Which is Witch? for the glitter.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Artsy Wednesday: White

I have been looking forward to this post for a while and it is finally here! I was very excited to do a white mani since I have wanted to try a glitter gradient for AGES. I used NYC's 134 French White Tip and OPI's Which is Witch for the glitter. It's my first glitter gradient mani and I am pretty happy with the results. Enjoy! 

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P.S. Check back Friday for an alternative white mani I did for Artsy Wednesday!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Lush Cinders

So Lush has recently put out all their holiday products and I have made it my unofficial goal to try as many of their Christmas products as I can while they last. My latest craze has been the Cinders bath bomb since it is supposed to be reminiscent of a crackling fire. 

This bath bomb is a fairly good steal as it is one of Lush's cheaper bath bombs ($4.95). The price is also cheaper since it is one of their smaller bath bombs. Cinders is available for a limited time during the holidays, so enjoy it while it lasts! The bomb itself smells like oranges to me, and stains the bath water a yellow-orange. The top of the bomb contains pop rocks which fizz in the bath water as the bomb dissolves making it sound like the crackling of a fire. The only disappointment I had with this bomb is that the scent and the color of the tub water fade after 30 minutes. I like my baths to last at least an hour.

Will you try Cinders? If you have already, what did you think?
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DISCLAIMER: All products reviewed in this post were purchased by the blogger.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette

So I just found this out guys and HAD to share it with you (it does help that my insomnia is keeping me up at 3 AM). Apparently, there is a possible leak of images for the Naked 3 palette (shown below from Instagram/Reddit). Also my French friend said that a French vlogger heard that the palette was due to be released in February via Sephora staff. However, I have heard predictions as early as December for the release date. 

So what do you think? Are this photos a dupe or a real leak?
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UPDATE 11/4/13: Here is the email I got from Urban Decay:
Hello Haylee,
Thank you for reaching out to Urban Decay! We do not have a Naked 3 Palette, so that palette is not authentic.
If you need any further assistance feel free to write back.
Customer Service
Urban Decay Cosmetics
833 W. 16th St. Newport Beach, CA 92663
P 1-800-784-URBAN (8722) | F 949-515-5614
Feminine. Dangerous. Fun.

UPDATE 11/11/13: Despite the fact that Urban Decay initially denied the release of the palette, they have now confessed that the palette is real and that Sephora France accidentally released the palette early in a few stores before realizing their mistake and removing the product from displays. Personally, I am upset that they basically lied to me about the palette's release just to protect their brand secret/lease date. An honest answer would have been appreciated more. What is wrong with simply saying, "Yes, it is our palette, however it is not available in the US currently."?

For a look at the palette, please check out this French blog.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mini Lush Haul: Lord of Misrule, Rose Jam Body Wash, and Celebrate Lotion

So a few weeks ago, I went to California to visit family. While out and about, my sister and I ventured into Lush to buy a few things. Now that it's fall, I enjoy taking relaxing baths and showers and Lush helps make my bath super relaxing!

The first item I picked up was the Lord of Misrule bath bomb. It smells amazing! The scent has patchouli in it. It's a limited edition Halloween bath bomb so hurry up and grab it before it is gone! Spoiler Alert: In the bath, the bomb starts out making a green slime and then fades creating a tub filled with a purple red center. It's like bathing in wine! Spoiler Over I loved the bomb so much I wanted to stay in the tub forever. In fact this has become my second favorite bomb (Big Blue is the first). The scent lasted during the one and a half hours I was in the tub. My boyfriend said he could smell the scent in his bedroom and down the hall midway into the following day so this bomb has a pretty strong/long-lasting scent. Next time I visit my local store I am going to buy a million. :P

The next thing I picked up was the Rose Jam Body Wash that is a limited edition Christmas product. It smells just like their Rose Jam Bubbleroon (bubble bath). I loved the Rose Jam bubbleroon scent...just not the bubbleroon (that is a story for another day). I was glad that with the wash I would get to keep the scent and not the other stuff. If you decide to try the product as a shampoo, it makes your hair silky soft and the smell lasts in your hair for 16 hrs. I timed it, people. Yes, I'm crazy. On my body, Rose Jam made my skin smell really good and feel really soft. However, the smell doesn't last long after the shower. Additionally, I got lots of lather from this wash when using it with my personal mini loofah. Please, don't buy this product. I bought the tiniest bottle at the store (for $10.95), and I really want to stock up on it. And if you buy it there will be none for me :(

My final selection was Celebrate body lotion. I picked it up because it has a wonderful citrus-y smell. It's a bit pricy for lotion at $29.95 for 7.7 oz of product, but Lush makes good quality products with ingredients that I trust so I don't mind the price as much. Plus, the lotions last FOREVER!!! I'll be passing this one on to my grandchildren someday! :P It shares its scent with the Golden Wonders Bath Bomb. I, personally, have not tried this bomb, but it is sitting in my stash after another recent Lush run. This lotion's scent lasts at least four hours and it is very creamy and moisturizing (Anna would agree, she tried a bit during our after shopping drinks/dinner). I do want to warn people who are sensitive to citrus oils/fruits before they decide to purchase this, however. I have a minor sensitivity to citrus and get rashes with prolonged exposure. I would have used this product all October long except that after a week of exclusively using this lotion, my skin started to feel a bit itchy. Now I just use it once before I go out/want a nice scent on me during the day.

What are your favorite Lush products to use during Fall/Winter? Have you picked up any seasonal favorites? Would you like me to review a particular product from them? Also hit the Google +1 button if you liked this post so I can keep doing more like it!
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DISCLAIMER: All products reviewed in this post were purchased by the blogger.

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